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With Mapsiot you can easily and efficiently monitor entire print environments. You gain control of print volumes, costs, service and supplies, regardless of make, model or distributor.

This is Mapsiot

  • 100% control of all devices
  • Simple, user-friendly interface with dashboard and overview of customers, devices, volumes for mono and color prints, etc
  • Full control of printing related costs
  • Volume, service status and toner reports
  • Email notifications for reached toner thresholds, service alerts, new and stopped devices, etc
  • Proactive monitoring of your own and your competitor’s devices
  • Just-in-time toner management
  • Reforestation of paper consumption
  • Reduce toner stock, hence reduced capital tied up in inventory
  • Easily accessible information in real time 24/7 via the web
  • Cost and proposal module
  • Utilization and segmentation module
  • Contract management



A company that does not have control of their print environment cannot have a print strategy. With Mapsiot’s user-friendly interface you can reliably and efficiently manage, measure and control all of your customer’s devices, models, expenses and possibilities. We put you on the path to a successful print strategy.




Your company or organisation has a large number of office printers spread across the country or globally. You have a number of printers and MFPs in every office location, where some are color and some are black/white printers. Contracts are written locally and every office orders its own toners for the various devices. You don’t have control over your toner or service costs.

You realize that print management today may not be a strategic issue for companies, but the prospect of
reducing print-related costs by
25-30% is.



By using Mapsiot´s Services you are taking control!

Mapsiot performs a complete “ongoing” analysis of your company’s print environment and delivers a plan for how you can manage and optimize it in the future.

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Decision makers from different positions share their experiences about the work towards a successful
print strategy!


"Reducing our environmental impact and our energy consumption has always been a goal for our organization. By using MaPS Enterprise, we could switch to MFPs with lower energy consumption, reduce the number of printers, and see to it that we can control our print environment properly".

Finance manager:

"We have previously only compared vendors on the price and service charge basis.

When we started using Mapsiot we realized that we had only seen the small bits of the TCO regarding our print solution, but were missing the big picture. Due to insights gained from Mapsiot, we have managed to reduce costs internally through a much improved print strategy. This entailed a reduction of invoices, toner consumption and total storage, as well as the removal of the smaller printers.


IT manager:

"My workload was previously 70% dedicated to print and 30% to IT operations. With Mapsiot I could easily reduce the number of locally connected printers, and re-direct printouts from smaller units to the larger multifunction printers, thereby allowing the removal of 50% of the print drivers in the company. Today I have full control and I can see when it's time for service or toner replacement. The best thing is that we have reduced the number of helpdesk calls by a massive 80%. My workload today is 40% print and 60% IT operations.