TrueMPS Galaxy Services offers Supply and Software Distributors, OEMs, Large Print/IT Service Providers or similar with the need of managing and offer specific services to designated and multiple groups of TrueMPS WorkSpaces

TrueMPS Galaxy Services


Present live Warehouse stock and prices to all WorkSpaces and offer a complete eStore designed for Just in Time Supply Fulfillment with customized individual labeling and drop shipment as an option


Offer connection to External Service Management, ERP or customized built Systems and seamless connection and workflows to all WorkSpaces


Sales and Marketing potential by shared anonymous data in real-time to Galaxy


Galaxy branding visible for all WorkSpaces, WorkSpaces is individual branded towards its WorkPlaces


Dynamically and strategically pricing towards individual WorkSpaces


Automated sustainable Reforestation is offered dynamically for all WorkSpaces and WorkPlaces

TrueMPS Services

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