Let our Customer Success Team be your outsourced IT department whenever you need extra assistance

Customer Success Services

Don't loose momentum and keep up the ongoing process you have on your existing customers as well as prospects

  • Create WorkPlaces with locations and logo
  • Create Folders under WorkPlaces
  • Create different WorkGroups



  • Create the Data Links with IP-ranges/IP address and send it to the end-customer to be installed
  • Edit and update the Data Links



  • Structure your WorkSpace with Team and Personal Folders
  • Structure  WorkPlaces with folders and WorkGroups
  • Sturcture and move printers to the right folder/location


Professional MPS Handling

  • Let us help with Order handling
  • Set up Thresholds and Service filters to optimize the print environment so you can provide Just in Time Toner fulfillment


per month, and block of 0,25 hours Service


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