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TrueMPS is the Marketplace for Purchase and Delivery of Just in Time Supply Fulfillment

..and a Business Intelligence Hub for Printers and People with Sustainable Focus!

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To have control of structured printer data and the ability to share it with full transparency is the modern way for Print and IT providers to work. To have all the important printer data in one place, drill into a specific WorkPlace or a single WorkGroup, or have the overall view of the total WorkSpace in your home Dashboard is the future of print management. Welcome to TrueMPS.
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 Print Surveyor Services

The PSS Dashboard is where the printer data is grouped, filtered and GEO mapped. Real-time data is fetched to provide pages total life, pages 30 days, IP address, MAC address and much more. PSS - Print Surveyor Services is the best way to create visibility and understanding to be able to provide a better and more efficient print environment. Discover how to >>

Managed Print Services

Execute Supply and Service orders with Managed Print Services. Integrate or use our API's to fully automate your MPS service and you will easily handle Supply and Service Orders in less than 30 minutes per day on thousands of printers. Discover how to >>

Reforestation Services

Aim to do more and become carbon-neutral by providing Reforestation Services. All modern print- and IT companies have the ability to offer Reforestation. Deliver customer value and make sure the pages printed and printers used, is fully climate compensated. Every month you will automatically have the monthly and lifetime certificate certified by SGS International in your WorkSpace.

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