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Print Surveyor Services is the Unique way to Intuitively Manage and Structure Network Printers.

Capturing Printer Data Ongoing and in Real-time from all Manufactures, is the Obvious Foundation for Successful MPS Delivery.

Capturing printer data from all manufactures is the first big step to provide additional services and value like MPS - Managed Print Services and SRS - Sustainable Reforestation Services.

Unlimited  Accounts

Unlimited  WorkGroups

Manufacurer and Page Volume Report

Unlimited WorkPlaces


250 Euro per block of 2 500 Printers / Month

Less than a 2-minute on boarding, then you’re up and running discovering, structuring, managing and finding new improvements and possibilities.

And Get 30 days Free of Charge!

Additional TrueMPS Services

MPS - Managed Print Services

Ensures you a reliable execution of supply and service fulfillment on automated demand.

  • Managed Supply
  • Managed Service
  • Managed Data




0,5 Euro per Printer and Month



SRS WorkSpace Reforestation Services

PRS - WorkPlace Reforestation Services

TrueMPS and Printreleaf empowers businesses to certifiably reduce their environmental impact. Compensating printed pages by automatically planting trees across a global network of reforestation projects.

  • Reforestation Certificate audited by SGS International
  • Reforestation projects globally free to choose

2,5 Euro per Tree and Month



CSS - Customer Success Services

Let TrueMPS be your outsourced IT department that keeps the data flowing.


  • Structuring WorkPlaces, WorkGroup and Printers
  • Installing Data Links at WorkPlaces
  • Professional services regarding Supply Order Handling


25 Euro per block of 0,25 hours Service and Month



SAS - WorkSpace API Services

PAS - WorkPlace API Services

Connect and automate your business processes with TrueMPS API Services.


  • TM Reports
  • TM Management
  • TM Orders


25 Euro per Month



KSS - Knowledge Sharing Services

Share your printer knowledge in real-time to get a jointly picture of the opportunities and possibilities.


  • Manufacture breakdown
  • Print Volume


25 Euro per received Sharing and Month



SIS - Software Integration Services

TrueMPS Integrations creates seamless automation and takes your business processes to a new level!


  • Service Management Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • Distribution Systems
  • Custom Built Systems


25 Euro per Integration and Month



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