History shows us that we were not aware of the possibilities until we
start using TrueMPS!

Pär Arvidsson, Chairman and head of M&A – Trexium Group AB




Locations in Sweden




Distributor of Nashuatec

a brand within Ricoh International

+11 000



Companies: Prodoc, Modern IT & Reachtech

The Company

Through its nationwide sales, service and support organisation, with its own warehouse and logistics centre, Prodoc helps companies streamline their core business. Since 1976, Prodoc has had all the necessary expertise under one roof to be the perfect print partner for small, medium and large customers in

Sweden as well as internationally.


  • Delivering too much toner without control through ERP and fleet management systems

  • Extra workload to correct system generated and manual errors

  • The inventory on the customer side was high and unknown

  • The end-customer's experience-satisfaction was not good enough and we perceived as unprofessional

It is a fact that most MPS providers does not have 100% control of all devices within a customer environment. The lack of control of the fleet and related cost for service and toner is a black hole in the financial result of the company. Prodoc has experienced what it means not to be in full controlof the toner delivery process. Pär Arvidsson, says “One of our customers told us to stop delivering toner, as they could not fit more in their storage room. Clearly there was an opportunity for better logistical control.”

There are savings to be made, but how? Prodoc have new customers claiming they have +100 printers but when TrueMPS is installed, it turns out they have app 400 devices! Pär continues ”We did not have a complete overview of the client’s entire printing environment. We focused too much on what Prodoc delivered not the opportunity to provide toner and services for all printers. History shows us that we were not aware of the possibilities until we used TrueMPS.”

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  • TrueMPS is developed to create orders with minimal manual intervention and errors

  • 100% control over Just in Time Toner Fulfilment through the TrueMPS ordering module

  • Being transparent and having the availability to share the insight with the end-customer increased the customers satisfaction

To solve these challenges, Prodoc turned to Mapsiot to see if TrueMPS could be the solution! “I met with the team and realised that TrueMPS, with all its functionality and easy-to-use interface, was the way to forward. With seamless integration into our service management system, we can now fully exploit the potential we have as a print partner,” says Pär Arvidsson and continue. “We like the fact that we can manage all printers, not just Nashuatec and Ricoh. Now we can supply toner for all brands and offer service and repairs through our service organisation Reachtech. This is probably the best offer for the market that a print partner can make.”

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  • Efficiency has increased by 30% for those who work with orders and provide just-in-time toner delivery

  • Decreased the toner stocks at the customers site with
    over 60%

  • With the control provided by TrueMPS the revenue are expected to increase 20-30% over time

A big change, and an indicator of the success of the TrueMPS implementation, is complete control over the entire process. “Today we manage and handle toner requirements in the best possible way. We set everything up and determine exactly how to achieve the best MPS delivery for each customer. Now we can decide whether wewant - or need - fully automated or semiautomated delivery to our customers. This gives us the opportunity to take over and increase our own MIF.” says Pär Arvidsson.

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Next step – future progress

With TrueMPS, Prodoc has a new business application that will help them grow in a declining market.Prodoc will now develop the organization to change approach and use TrueMPS to explore andmaximize opportunity within all existing and new accounts. Pär makes a final statement
With TrueMPS and the adaptation of our organisation, we have the foundation to become the strongest MPS provider in the Nordic countries”.

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